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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

The time I was cheeky

I'd been awake for hours. It was like a night that would last for all eternity. The camp cabins were cold but with my sleeping bag I was as hot as inside a volcano. To me it was like torture. I just couldn't fall asleep even though I badly wanted to. I needed to go toilet. But I didn't know where the toilets were! Wait. I remember there were some toilets outside. But the teachers had strictly forbidden us to go outside in the middle of the night. I had to. I looked at the time. It was 3.00 in the morning. As I slowly stepped outside I could feel the cold damp floor. As I stood out in the corridor I could hear the faint hoot of an owl. I tried to open the sliding doors. They were shut and locked tight just like you would lock doors at a heavily guarded place. I finally had gathered up enough courage to explore. I decided to explore in the dining hall. As I walked through the door I realised I was the only one awake. There was snoring coming from all the bedrooms. I explored from top to bottom and when I was exploring the last place I saw an old creaky wooden door. It looked like termites had eaten it away. I had a look for the lock in the door. There wasn't a lock just some sort of button thing where the lock was supposed to be. As I slowly pressed the button-looking lock it made a sort of click sound. As I turned the handle the door swung open. I really needed to go toilet. I dashed outside. I remember I had my torch. As I put it on a big beam of light came from the centre of it. I shone the torch around, I only remembered a few things I saw. As I stepped outside I could feel the cold damp grass under my feet. As I had another look outside I realised that the torch was about to run out of battery. As I was concentrating on my torch I heard a shuffling noise next to the Aero jump. I saw a shadow moving slowly across, slowly moving toward me. I shone my torch on the surprisingly smallish figure. It was a rabbit. I remembered now. There was a rabbit next to the aero jump. When I shone my torch on the surprised rabbit he hopped away. As I was walking away I spotted the toilets. After I’d finished I was having a little trouble in finding the way back. As I turned a corner I spotted the cabins. I was saved. I rushed out to them. I had to explore a bit more till I found the termite door. As I opened it I saw the light. The light of the dining hall I rushed into it at full speed ahead. Zoomed down the corridor, and dived deep inside my sleeping bag and slowly drifted to sleep. The next day I had a look at the map of woodend. As I found the girls corridors I saw there were toilets right at the end of the corridor. I almost fainted.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Balloon rocket experiment

Week 2: Balloon Rocket experiment
Today's balloon rocket experiment wasn't likely a success because the balloon didn't reach its full destination across the string. It didn't get past 74 centimeters and mostly all of them was a fail in videoing except for two videos which were in slow motion. They were supposed to be in slow motion because we were recording what they looked like when they spun around like a spiral. Ours could have been better but our group ran out of balloons. Ours kept popping and believe me it wasn't pleasant. Another distance of the balloon was 72 centimeters

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Responsible citizen

Are you a responsible citizen? If you don't know I will tell you. A responsible citizen is a helpful bystander and keeps fights from happening. If this quality is missing then there will be fights everywhere and nobody will be able to stop any fights. People will get  everywhere and it’s all because nobody had the courage to stop anything. They just watched people getting hurt and not going and getting someone an adult or a teacher. So this quality is important because people will get hurt with nobody to help them. Listening
if this quality is missing then too many people will not know what to do or might get hurt if they don't do what they're supposed to do or don't listen and do exactly the opposite then people will get hurt and wish that they listened. So this quality is  important because people will hope they would of listened and not knowing what to do like the teacher said “keep your fingers away from the bars” and one child didn't listen and he had his fingers bitten off by a lion.
So listen to the teacher or the person who is talking and keep away from those lions boys.

Trustworthy. Trustworthy is when people trust you and people can leave their things with them and they don't break them. When the teacher asks someone to do something like “Sophie can you please take this to Darren?” and she does. That is being trustworthy. Untrustworthy is when someone asks them (I don't know who at the moment) “Can you take this to so and so?” and he doesn't and rips the thing in half or tosses it into the lost property.

Monday, 27 March 2017

I am metaphor poem about me Rose fudakowska

I am a black jaguar, driving slowly in the moonlight.
I am a pet store,helping the biggest dog to the smallest hamster. Maybe even elephants!
I am a pet cat, following you everywhere, not knowing where to go myself.
I am a nectarine, juicy, ripe and full of ideas.
I am a nut because I'm nuts!
I am an animal mixed jacket, with animals of all kind on it , guinea pigs, red pandas, tigers, foxes, penguins
- you name it, I love them all!
Ko Rose ahau.


It's a foggy afternoon.  As I drink my milo I hop onto the field. I step past the poles and  I see a bin in the middle. I put my milo ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍on it. Kiorahi. Everyone is trying to grab a band to put round their waist and then put on two tags. As soon as I get both tags and the band, I get stuck into the game. I dive, toss, rip, sprint, tackle. In the game I feel really hot and sweaty. I rip off my jersey. I feel really great and I get stuck into the game once more.  Even when I skin my knee, I still like it because it shows that I’m getting into the game.